Thursday, 15 February 2007

Blood Orange Jelly

I had been waiting with anticipation for weeks when A finally made the discovery of blood oranges I was away. He left me but one lingering orange, a red bruise smack on the side of it, and a blush interior. And of course then they had all gone from the shops, and I sat there day dreaming of recipes when I should have been working.

I was picturing a tower of blood oranges bedecked with caramel and indecently oozing sticky juice.

Maybe a little passionfruit icecream on the side, little langues de chat, a crown spun sugar. Ahh, you see the flights of fancy? I cannot even make spun sugar...

Well, I've tinkered since last I daydreamed, and made a couple of little blood orange jellies for A and I to test drive. They were beautiful, light, sharp and vibrant red, with a little wiggle and wobble which was very endearing. But they needed a partner in crime, something creamy to soothe, and maybe even something cake-like for a delicate buttery bite.

So here is the culmination of much day dreaming, planning and juicing.

A blood orange jelly, caramelsed blood orange, almond madelines, and a slick of cream.

If I was more Delia I'd rant and rave about the do ahead preparation and slimming advantages of these recipes that make it a perfect dinner party dessert. But I just like it because its red, fun and tasty.

Blood Orange Jelly

I was going to go with the blood orange jelly recipe in Gordon Ramsey's 'Just Desserts', and just reduce the sugar, but annoyingly it didn't set first time, and had to up the leaf geletine count a little. Here is my somewhat adapted recipe:

400ml freshly squeezed blood orange juice
zest of one blood orange
2 tablespoons of caster sugar (or to taste, my oranges were tart and I like it that way)
3 sheets of leaf geletine

Moisten the geletine with a little water. Heat, but do not boil, the juice, zest, and sugar until it is warm and the sugar has dissolved. Bring off the heat and dissolve the geletine in this thoroughly. Strain into jelly moulds or pretty glasses. Put in the fridge (covered) to set. Unmould with the help of a hot damp cloth or bath of water just before serving

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LILIBOX said...

I like these kind of oranges .
The color is fabulous .
I use them also in a cake .
The recipe will be posted this saturday ,if i want to see it ;
I Keep your recipe also .
Thanks !