Monday, 1 January 2007

Dreams of Foie Gras

A has made up for abandoning me on New Year's Eve and going to France without me by bringing back a veritable treasure trove of goodies. His parents have a house in the Charante, which is, as luck would have it, right in the heart of duck country. There is a great little market on sundays from where one can purchase the best rillettes de canard I have ever had. There's something deeply carnivorous about this rillettes which goes beyond the normal appeal of fat on hot toast. The duck is gamey and not too shredded, so there is bite as well.

Anyway, digressions aside he is bringing back a speciality from the same little stall. Foie gras du canard wrapped in smoked duck breast. I'm curious to see if the taste of the foie gras will be able to compete with the smoked breast. At the moment I'm having beautiful little daydreams about panfried apple slices and good country bread, or maybe even little raisin studded brioche.

This may all be slightly premature as said delicacy is still stuck in France, and has had to endure a 7 hour drive to the ferry, carefully cushioned by frozen bottles of water, and it won't get on the ferry until tommorrow morning, when, if all goes to plan, both it and my boy will be back.

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